“A world where infectious diseases are easily managed and prevented within families.”


“To improve the health of children and their families through research into infectious diseases.”


Forming part of the Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, and affiliated to the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital, the unit’s mission is to perform quality research and to become a centre of excellence for the management of paediatric infectious diseases.


All our studies are conducted according to the Declaration of Helsinki and Good Clinical Practice principals and must be approved by the appropriate regulatory authorities including our local ethics committee. All our research is monitored both internally and externally to ensure the ethical management of our participants as well as to validate the quality of our research data obtained.


Our research is endorsed by both provincial and national government. FAM CRU concentrates primarily on research in the treatment and management of family HIV AIDS and Tuberculosis, thus enhancing the hospital’s capacity to manage these conditions. Professional clinical care of our patients is of utmost importance and our staff members are compassionate and dedicated to our patients’ well-being. All our clinical staff has current Good Clinical Practice certification. We have a pharmacy and an immunisation clinic in the unit for patient convenience and to decrease patient waiting time. We supply most of the extensive medication and vaccinations required by our children.


Our adherence monitors are trained HIV counsellors and work closely with patients and their families, to assist with their emotional and social needs. We aim to support our families holistically and to this endeavour we have created a clothing bank; a soup kitchen for waiting patients; a toy bank for that birthday treat and we supply patient transport with our unit vehicles.


We have a very active Community Advisory Board that forms a liaison channel between the unit and the community. FAM CRU assists them by offering training in various aspects of HIV, Tuberculosis and research. Their practical input is of great value for strategic decision-making. They, together with the adherence monitors, ensure that we remain in close contact with the community and that we not only supply medical treatment and hope to our people, but cater for their emotional and social welfare as well.


FAM CRU collaborates with other South African and international institutions. The representatives meet regularly to discuss priorities and develop studies that are considered to be of high priority for the respective institutions and countries. Patients who participate in our research studies are assured of the best possible professional and yet compassionate treatment.


We, together with our patients and their families work together for the advancement of medical knowledge and strive to make a difference in the lives of the people affected by these epidemics. We would like to invite you to contact us if you are in any way affected by HIV or Tuberculosis or compassioned by these diseases. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we may just make the difference you need in your life right now!


FAM CRU continuously strives to improve the quality of our studies and the treatment of our patients. The unit particularly focuses on adding to the clinical facilities, in order to improve our patients and their families’ quality of life under very difficult circumstances. We rely solely on external funders in South Africa and abroad to maintain these high standards and we are thankful for our existing funders’ contributions. If you would like to make a difference to the lives of these people, please contact us now!

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